BLOG: Four tips for using hashtag holidays in your social media content

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You will have seen hashtag days (or holidays) used on social media but have you considered them for your business?

There is now a day for almost anything you can possibly think of, ranging from pets, to food, to beauty and some I don’t even know what they are without searching on google!

BUT, when you use the right ones that are relevant to your business and to your audience, you drive up reach for your content and this can grow your audience.

I think hashtag days can be a bit like marmite – you either love them or hate them. (Btw I’m in the love marmite camp – have you tried the new chilli version? – anyway I digress). I also love hashtag days when they are used in the right way.

A client recently said to me that they “don’t want to be doing any of that stuff!” By that “stuff” they meant using # days in their content!

BUT they were missing the point of them and here’s why:

Builds Relationships with hashtag days:

  • A really great to start a conversation and build that all-important relationship with your community and build engagement
  • Also a great way to find your ideal customer – when there is a #day that is relevant, search for posts that have used the # and engage with them (like and comment on their content) and give them a follow

Builds the KLT factor with hashtag days (know like and trust):

  • A great way to show that there are real people behind the business. This helps your audience relate to you and your team, remember that people buy from people and helps you to stand out.
  • Choose hashtag days that relate to things you love to do outside of work – hobbies, interests, passion projects.
  • A fantastic way of showing that you care and are aware of key issues that are important to your audience. Remember to do more than just posting about it – consider what action you are taking?

Build your content plan with hashtag days:

  • A great way to fill a few days in your monthly content calendar – ideally pick 2 to 3 each month but no more
  • There will be some that just jump out at you, but do use your imagination too and think about the KLT factor as well.

Maz’s Tip: Always make sure that you are using the hashtag that relates to the # day

The key consideration, as with all content is to ask yourself:

  • Does this align with my brand values?
  • Is this of interest to my audience? Will it resonate with them? Will it add value?
  • BUT also don’t forget the fun element – will it show your personality and help them get to know you better?

If the answer is no, then it’s best to steer clear. However always be aware that there are trending # and that sometimes you just need to get on board with them, as doing nothing can be the wrong thing to do.

My 4 steps:

  1. Find the hashtag days that are suitable for your business and that will resonate with your audience
  2. Don’t just jump on what you think is a trending day or popular one, brands are able to raise awareness of causes and issues – but be mindful that what you choose should align to your brand values otherwise it won’t feel authentic or be relevant
  3. If you are taking a stance on a particular issue or event, don’t wait until the day itself, make sure that you promote it ahead of time
  4. Be sure to engage with other user’s content on the day(s) that you are participating in – simply search for the # and start engaging and sharing (check out my recent blog on engagement)

Here’s how I approach #days in my content planning:

  • I will review the #days for the month that I am scheduling content for.
  • I will plot the relevant ones into my schedule and go from there

Maz’s Tip: If you’re not sure what to post, then search for the hashtag to see what was posted the previous year and get some ideas. If you use Canva some of the bigger days will also have templates. 

So let’s get this out there. 

Yes, there are some very strange # days, some of which I have never heard of and would never dream of using, and wouldn’t advise any clients to either.

However, the point of this blog is there are some which are universally popular but also some which are niche, some are ideal for your business and will even help to attract new customers.

So approach hashtag days with an open mind.

Maz’s Tip: Don’t jump on every # day as they won’t all be relevant, but when one is relevant make sure you are including the # day tag in your content and then your content will be searchable when anyone looks for that # thus increasing the reach of your content!

Maz’s Tip: The tool I use is days of the year

Key Takeaways for using hashtag days in social media:

  • Be relevant with your choice
  • Use the right #
  • Search the # to get ideas from previous years on what to post and what resonated well
  • Engage with your audience and other users of the #

Bonus Tip: Make sure that you are using a date that is correct for your geography – Mother’s Day is different in the UK, USA and Australia.

by Marianne Avery

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