Let me answer some common questions about social media management and my services…

What platforms do you work with?
I look after Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for my clients.I use Pinterest and TikTok personally and am working to understand the business application so I can add them to my portfolio of services.I use Vimeo and YouTube for videos.
How much do you charge?

My starting prices can be found on my Services page. I also offer bespoke and one-off services. Some are on an ongoing basis so my charges will depend on your specific requirements.

Do you use a scheduling tool?

Yes. I use Later for Instagram, Buffer for Twitter, Facebook’s Creator Studio, and LinkedIn and Buffer for LinkedIn.

How do you keep up to date with changes in social media?

Good question! I read a LOT of articles and blogs. I engage with my fellow social media managers and learn from them and their experiences.

I’m a member of two programmes where I get access to current thinking and platform changes. I also attend as many professional training sessions and events as I can.

What budget do I need for Facebook and Instagram adverts?
To be able to effectively test a campaign you will need a budget of at least £600 per month.
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